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Rustic Chic, 50's Glamour to Bohemian Music Festival

It is not just about the décor placed, it's about the atmosphere/vibe you want.  The perfect blend of décor, Service & the right Menu make all the difference.  Contact Chef Shannon to put your dream into action!

Event Planning

Putting together YOUR Vision while saving you money!

Our Live Edge Wine Barrel Bar

This is a five piece Bar; two sections that can pivot to be set up exactly to fit your space.

Two Authentic Wine Barrels, connected by Live Edge Blued Pine Slabs flowing into a cascading waterfall Bar Top. 

We can help coordinate Bartenders & we can provide Mixers, Ice, Glassware & Bar Equipment.

Custom Menus

House Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs-This past year we added House Smoked Menu Options


Need I say More?

Bacon Caprese Stuffed Mushrooms with Balsamic Glaze`

Wedding Cakes & Dessert Bars

Custom Cake Order by Our Fabulous Sous Chef Megan

Sous Chef Megan & 4 Tier Cake

This 4 Tier Cake with 4" Columns has Hand crafted Sugar Flowers adorning it.  Sitting on top of our 18" Shadowbox Cake Stand.  Taking the clients online pictures & giving it THE CRAVE artful design twist! 

Unique Displays

Salad Boards are a Beautiful way to elevate the traditional salad presentation. Guests will be drawn to it for it's beauty and delicious flavors!

Curtains to Cheesecake

Pictured above we even hung the Curtains on this amazing transformation from an unfinished garage into a whimsical space complete with Disco Ball.  You will also see one version of our Granite & Live Edge Wood Slab Displays. 

Whether you are looking for classic Montana Cuisine with an upscale twist or a Fusion menu that highlights your family heritage. We create your menu with you by going into detail of your vision, likes/dislikes and any special requests for different diets making sure everyone is able to enjoy the festivities.

From Day 1 we can be there learning your vision and bringing it to life.  Whether you have a set look in mind or want our team to work with you to Design a lifetime cherished memory!

At THE CRAVE we work hard to hone in on our skills and offer new things each season.  This past season we really upped our game by diving into the world of everything Smoked! 

Our Sous Chef Megan continues to impress with her custom cakes!  Here are a few from this past year!

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