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About Us

The CRAVE Catering & Events is Co-Owned and Operated by Chef Shannon Nelson and husband Operations Manager Luke Nelson.

Chef Shannon studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Portland, Oregon (Graduated Top of Her Class) before returning to Montana to follow her passion. She is very dedicated to doing her best and bringing a team that also carries that same desire. She jumped into the fire in some very high-end establishments such as Caffe Dolce in Missoula directly out of school and trained under some great Chefs. She then went on to work around the Bitterroot Valley in smaller restaurants until she landed at the 5 Star Stock Farm Club. This is where she saw the best of the best. Working side by side with amazing Chefs she was able to stretch her culinary legs. While working at these establishments she was always observing and learning. 

During this time Chef Shannon started gaining momentum and started working as a Personal Chef to several of the Stock Farm Members. Chef Shannon spent 2 years doing this to gain experience of catering very high-end dinner parties that ranged from CEOS of large corporations, Professional Athletes, Celebrities and even a Vice President. She takes all this experience and brings it to your event. Whether you want Rustic Chic, Modern Elegance or a specific theme we bring the party.

Operations Manager Luke Nelson helps with all the technical aspects and creation of custom décor. He works in the wood shop designing décor for events that give that custom look all the way around. He is a well-rounded partner that jumps in the day of event and cooks side by side with Chef Shannon and the crew.

They are both very detail oriented which translates to excellent service tailored to you. It will leave your guests talking about for years to come.  

Luke & Shannon Nelson

Owners & Chefs of The Crave

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